Breezing Towards Summer


Late May saw a bit of a milestone for us at the cafe in that we have, for the first time, actually been fully open for twelve consecutive months with no lock-down interruptions. The spring weather has helped the launch of our new spring menu with an emphasis on fresh seasonal produce including our own cress, lettuce and herbs grown in our own veg patch. Our chefs have been busy creating new tasty dishes such as our very popular market salads - 3 or 4 freshly made salads with either quiche or frittata, all handmade by the team.

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Spicing Up Winter


To brighten up February we are holding a special Valentines five course dinner on the evening of Saturday the 12th. If you are interested please look at our bookings page. If you don’t fancy an evening dinner there’s still plenty of other ways to enjoy a meal at the cafe with a special friend - our afternoon tea would make a bit of a treat for any couple.

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Christmas at Blue Garden


The big day maybe still be a couple of weeks away but Christmas is in full swing at Blue Garden.

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